Jeef Kindswoog was originally a Hunter of Asterion II, who along with Hunter Rahzell Kalee, was brought to Rio de Janeiro on Earth to participate in a duel to the death. When they refused, as neither had offended the other, they were abandoned to the streets, and both decided to go their separate ways in an attempt to find their way back home.

Kindswoog became a criminal, eventually being hired into the Capello Nero organization while in New York City. He rose to become Formaggio Grande of the Menkalinan System, where his successful raids and capers soon brought on the attention of FLEA. Kalee, now a FLEA agent, spent over two years undercover infiltrating Kindswoog's cell, even infiltrating his secret base on PB34428. Kalee destroyed Kindswoog's starship through placed charges, which led to Kindswoof realizing the identity of the traitor; the two men, both in a Tactical Selfdeploying Missile Launcher, then duelled. Kindswoog lost the duel, and his life.