Rahzell Kalee was originally a Hunter of Asterion II, who along with Hunter Jeef Kindswoog, was brought to Rio de Janeiro on Earth to participate in a duel to the death. When they refused, as neither had offended the other, they were abandoned to the streets, and both decided to go their separate ways in an attempt to find their way back home.

Kalee was discovered by the Settlement Welfare Service, who gave him an Occupational Guidance Test as routine. When he scored high in the law-enforcement category, Kalee decided to join FLEA, graduating from one of their academies with high honors. He was posted to the asteroid mining fields in the Menkalinan System, where crime ran rampant. He was allowed to try to solve the crime his own way, by going undercover in an attempt tp infiltrate Capello Nero. He was unheard of for two years, when he was marked as dead after his former ship was discovered.

However, after gaining their confidence by helping in a raid on a TTA outpost, he was taken to local headquarters on the planet PB34428, where he discovered the regional Nero head was Kindswoog. Kalee destroyed Kindswoog's starship through placed charges, and then duelled Kindwoog, both men in a Tactical Selfdeploying Missile Launcher. With Kindswoog killed, Kalee called in Federal assistance on the hyperwave.